Stoptober is back!

Stoptober is back this October with a new national campaign designed to encourage and support smokers to quit for good. While smoking rates have declined in recent years, over 5 million people in England still smoke and it remains the single biggest cause of preventable illness and death.

What is Stoptober? Stoptober is an annual event where smokers are encouraged to give up smoking for at least 28 days during October. If you can quit for 28 days you are 5 times more likely to quit for good. The NHS has a free Stoptober app to help you make it through the 28 days with daily support messages, a savings calculator and tips to help you manage any cravings. Since its inception in 2012, Stoptober has successfully helped 2.5 million smokers to make a quit attempt and has become a well-recognised annual event in the public health calendar.

Stoptober 2023
The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘When you stop smoking, good things start to happen’; reminding you of the many benefits of quitting and providing useful tips to you on their quitting journey.

How can One You Haringey help?
By signing up to Stoptober you will join our Be Smoke Free programme. Our free smoking cessation service provides one-to-one support with one of our Health & Wellbeing Coaches over 12 weeks.

You will set a quit date and make a plan that will help you achieve it. You will get lots of support and motivation from your Health & Wellbeing Coach.

Why is it hard to quit alone?
Nicotine is highly addictive, producing a physical dependence. Once all the nicotine has left your body, you may start to experience withdrawal symptoms in the form of headaches, cravings and insomnia. These symptoms should disappear two weeks after you quit.

There can also be mental/emotional withdrawal symptoms too. Nicotine is a simulant which can provide temporary relief for symptoms of anxiety and depression. So, when that nicotine is removed, it can lead to temporary anxiety, depression and irritability. Once again, these symptoms will leave after a couple of weeks.

By joining our Be Smoke Free programme, you are three times more likely to succeed by working with us than going it alone.

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