To improve her health, Dawn joined our Move More exercise classes and Lose Weight programme in February. Discover how she got on in her own words…

What was your motivation for joining?  

I had kicked off 2021 with a New Year diet as usual. I was not happy with my appearance, but I also knew I needed to lose weight again for my health. Having previously tried all the traditional diet programmes, I felt I had the know-how to lose weight by myself. So, both my husband and I decided to take matters into our own hands and began dieting. However, where I struggle is keeping it off; I have previously lost weight but always put it back on. 

As the weeks passed, I came to the conclusion that dieting alone was not the answer. I decided to do some research to find an exercise programme to aid our weight loss. This is when I discovered One You Cheshire East’s Move More programme. 

Where do you feel like you have improved? 

Before joining Move More I was not able to get up off the floor without using the settee or someone helping me up. My mobility and flexibility have now improved to the point where I can get up without assistance. This may sound small, but it is a significant accomplishment for me.  

Not only this, but I have also lost 26lbs (12kg) in just 12 weeks. Seeing the results motivates me to exercise each day. I complete the recorded classes each day whenever I have a spare 30-40 minutes. I have also set myself the target of walking seven times a week and I am really enjoying it! 

What did you enjoy about the programme?  

From the very first consultation, the team has been motivational, supportive and compassionate. I have learnt that when I “mess up” (because we all mess up), it does not have to become a pattern; the groups, books and sessions help get me back on track. I have developed healthy habits both eating and exercising to support my weight loss and keep it off.  

The 30-minute daily workout are great with a mix of strength, yoga, core and flexibility and all online, so you can complete either live or whenever you want to, which suited my lifestyle. Having the team supporting me and encouraging me on this journey made all the difference. Knowing they were there when I needed them and getting a response to my queries was so helpful! 

What’s next for you?  

I am still on my health journey, but I remain fully committed. This programme helped me to realise that changing my attitude towards food was something I needed to work on not for weeks, months, or years, but my whole life. Good luck with your journey everyone. 

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