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Health Coaches

At One You Cheshire East, we have range of certified Health and Wellbeing Coaches who specialise in different health sectors. We have health coaches to help you lose weight, nutrition and fitness coaches, smoking cessation coaches and one of our coaches even holds a weekly Q&A on our private Facebook group about general health and wellbeing, including tips on how to improve your mental health.

If you’d like support to help you to lose weight, do a little bit more physical activity, quit smoking or improve your balance and strength if you’re at risk of falling, our health coaches are here for you to give you personalised advice and guidance.

As a way of introduction, we asked our Health Coaches to talk a little bit about their career and why they love their job helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Adam Jones

Health and Wellbeing Manager and Coach for Be Smoke Free

I specialise as a smoking cessation Health Coach at One You Cheshire East. I’m very passionate about mental health and helping people to improve their wellbeing. I always try to implement my psychological approach into my stop smoking consultations to help as many of my patients as possible to quit for good.

Katie Evans

Health and Wellbeing Manager and Coach for Move More

I have worked in the fitness industry for 14 years with a diverse client base.
I have found my passion is working in public health. It gives me the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals and improve their health.

I really enjoy providing support, encouragement, and knowledge to people from all backgrounds, ages and fitness levels. I love teaching classes to help people get away from the busy world and allow them to find enjoyment in exercise.

Kate Bettley

Stand Strong

I have over 5 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and been involved in the One You Cheshire East deliveries since 2016.

My passion is to be actively involved in the community whilst helping individuals through their health journey. It gives me great pride to watch someone improve and achieve great results; It is also satisfying to be part of our great team of Health and Wellbeing Coaches who are an enthusiastic and friendly group.

Daniel Walford

Move More

I have worked in health and wellbeing for the last 10 years as a personal trainer. During this time, I have worked with all types of clients including professional athletes. I have helped clients work towards goals that have included, weight loss, strength and conditioning, pre and postnatal corrective exercise and rehabilitative exercise.

I have seen first-hand the positive impact health and fitness can have on a person’s wellbeing and I believe a big part of being a health and wellbeing coach is to educate participants and give them the tools for long term success and continued progress. The most rewarding part for me is being a part of that positive change.

Karolina Ayers

Stand Strong & Family Weight Management

I have a BSC in Nutrition and Exercise as Medicine and have been in the health & fitness industry for 4 years and have worked with a range of different clients to improve their health goals. Here I worked with a variety of clients to help them achieve their fitness goals to ultimately improve their health and quality of life.

Working with the participant on the stand strong brings me great joy as I am such a people person, hoping to improve their mood each week by encouraging them to do something they do/did not have the confidence to do. Working with individuals over a period of 6 months means I can really start to support their individual needs over this time to excel their health & wellbeing.

I am incredibly proud of the job I get to do everyday to help such wonderful members of the public.

Ellis Clews

Move More

I got into this industry on the back of studying Nutrition at university. I am passionate about making change in people’s health through not only nutrition but also physical activity.

I enjoy aiding people literally change their life, whether it’s making small tweaks to their exercise plan or 12 weeks later when they are a new person. Great to be a part of that journey.

Ellis Clews

Joanne Crolla-Parkhouse

Stand Strong

I am a qualified personal trainer with a keen interest in nutrition, particularly plant based. Following a holistic approach, I find it fascinating that even small improvements in one area of health, such as exercise, favourably impacts other areas, whether that be via higher quality sleep, enhanced stress management, improved eating habits, increased physical fitness level or better mental wellbeing.

During lockdown, I upskilled in Exercise Referral, Mental Health, Diabetes and Obesity. This really opened my eyes to the specific health benefits available to specialist populations even at much lower levels of exercise than that promoted in traditional fitness settings.

I will be working on the Stand Strong Team delivering classes to the more mature population in Cheshire East helping to improve strength, balance and coordination, and reduce the likelihood of a fall.

Reece Hobson

Stand Strong

I am a passionate health and wellbeing coach currently delivering the Stand Strong service where I work with a diverse group of people.

My job is very rewarding, me and my amazing team are dedicated to developing our programmes and ensuring the people of Cheshire East stay fit and healthy

Reece Hobson