Prior to lockdown, Ged and Steph enjoyed staying active. However, when the restrictions were imposed, like many people they were unable to undertake their usual activities and consequently became sedentary.  

For Ged and Steph, the One You Cheshire East Move More programme provided the perfect solution for keeping fit while not leaving the house. The free online classes meant that they could workout from the comfort of their home and at a time that suited them. 

Live Classes 

This is what they said about Move More: 

“We found the Move More online programme to be really motivating. Having the live classes provided by One You Cheshire East encouraged us to stay active, safely from the comfort of our own home. We enjoy them so much that we are still using the service 6 months on. 

We attend several different classes and all the coaches are enthusiastic and helpful. The classes help us keep healthy both for our physical and our mental wellbeing, The classes have been excellent and provide a range of different levels for all capabilities. Having personal contact calls from our coach Reece has really kept us engaged to carry-on with our fitness regime. We have  improved our fitness levels and our weight and feel great for doing it!” 

Variety of Workouts

If you would like to join our online classes too,  there is a whole range of classes to choose from, which cater to different fitness levels. The Move More coaches are on hand to advise which classes will best help you to achieve your goals.  

Classes include: 

  • Body Conditioning 
  • Cardio 
  • Barre Inspired Workouts  
  • Stretch & Flow  
  • Chair Based Exercise  
  • Body Weight Exercise 
  • Resistance Band Workouts  
  • Core Circuits with Reece (including beginners to advanced) 


Maintaining motivation can be tough, particularly when working out alone, so you will be given a personal coach to assist you for the duration of the programme. This friendly coach will be on hand to offer personalised support and advice if and when you need it.  

If you would like to take steps to increase your fitness, join our free Move More programme

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