1. Get enough rest – when tired, cravings to smoke will seem stronger and harder to resist
  2. Spend time with a friend – your friends can support you in your stop smoking journey
  3. Stay hydrated – a great craving reducer and key to a healthy diet
  4. Eat a well-balanced diet – helps you to feel your best both physically and mentally
  5. Focus on today – keep things simple to be more efficient and less stressed
  6. Bake or cook something new – this is a great distraction from cravings and a great mood booster
  7. Go for a walk – this reduces stress and improves circulation which helps you to feel refreshed and relaxed
  8. Make a list of reasons to quit – this is a great motivator so you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture
  9. Reduce your caffeine – excess caffeine can lead to feeling jittery/stressed and increase cravings
  10. Practice breathing & yoga – this is a great way to help feel calm & refocused when feeling stressed

Season’s Greetings!

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