Throughout September the Soil Association are running their annual #OrganicSeptember campaign. The campaign celebrates organic products and the aim is to encourage people to buy and grow organic products. Why not join the celebration throughout September by swapping one item (or even all!) on your shopping list for organic?

There are many organic everyday products available, making it easy to make a small change on your shopping list. Why not switch your milk, coffee or bananas for the organic options?

Switching to organic is not only a chance to discover and explore the range of organic products available in your local supermarkets but to also gain from the benefits that organic products offer.It’s important to eat a well-balanced diet each day and by choosing organic foods it can positively support your diet. Organic foods often contain higher levels of nutrients and an absence of pesticides. This means that choosing organic food results in more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff entering your body!

If you fancy trying to cook organic foods or cooking healthier food, why not join our Taste for Life cookery courses?

Our courses provide teaching about a variety of cooking areas, including how to cook healthy meals, how to reduce waste and how to understand nutritional information.

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