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Cheshire East residents encouraged to improve health with EXI

We are offering Cheshire East residents access to the physical activity app, EXI, which is based on the latest clinical evidence and guidelines around physical activity.

The EXI app uses the latest science and medical guidance to provide users with a safe, personalised exercise prescription, based on their current health status and physical activity habits.

The plan will be set at the appropriate level for users, wherever they are in their physical activity journey, and designed to gradually build movement at a reasonable pace.

The app is for people who are vulnerable to developing long-term health conditions, as well as clinically diagnosed people living with one or more of 23 chronic conditions.

Users of the app are asked a few simple questions about their health and lifestyle, before being prescribed daily activities that can be done at home, outdoors, or at the gym, depending on the user’s preference and ability.

Users can then choose from a range of videos to guide them through each suggested daily physical activity.

Our service has been running in Cheshire East since 2019 to help residents maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Steph McCurrie-Winkler, Health and Wellbeing Manager at One You Cheshire East, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to offer people living in Cheshire East the chance to access the EXI app alongside our expert health support. “At One You Cheshire East, our main priority is to help residents to improve their health. Since 2019, we’ve worked with more than 9,500 people to become healthier – including stopping smoking, losing weight, and being more active.

“Our partnership with EXI is such a great benefit for everyone using our service. By accessing the app through One You Cheshire East, you’ll not only get personalised physical activity prescriptions, but the expert support of one of our certified Health & Wellbeing Coaches. “Whatever your age or current level of physical activity, we can give you the guidance and support you need to get more active and improve your health.”

Cheshire East residents can sign up and access the EXI app by visiting

One You Cheshire East is commissioned by Cheshire East Council and delivered by Reed Wellbeing.