Taking care of yourself during and after pregnancy helps keep you and your baby healthy.

It can also help you adapt to your changing weight and shape during pregnancy and cope with being in labour.

Our free service starts with a personal assessment where we will make a health plan for you.

Free Maternal Health Walks (45 - 60 Minutes)

  • Wednesday 11:00 location TBC, Macclesfield
  • Wednesday 09:30 Queens Park, Crewe

For pre and post-natal (up to one year) mothers. These are casual paced walks around the local park to help build strength and support fitness to all expectant and new mothers, as well as an opportunity to meet other mums along the way. Lead by a qualified Maternal Health Fitness Coach, these walks are a great opportunity to have a chat, engage in exercise and even stop for a coffee after the walk at the park café.

Being able to exercise during pregnancy has many benefits.

Getting stronger helps you carry the extra weight of pregnancy and exercise improves your circulation, can ease backache and generally help you feel well. It also helps you manage your weight which is important for your health and your baby.

Exercise is not dangerous for your baby – and there is evidence that active women experience fewer problems in later pregnancy and labour.

We can offer you 12 weeks of free one-to-one support to learn simple, safe and suitable ways to keep moving and stay active.


Quit Smoking

Protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give them a healthy start in life.

It can be difficult to stop smoking, but it’s never too late to quit.

Stopping smoking will help both you and your baby immediately. It will reduce the risk of complications in pregnancy and labour.

Work one-to-one with a Health & Wellbeing Coach and you are three times more likely to succeed than going it alone.

You will set a quit date and make a plan that will help you achieve it. You will get lots of support and motivation from your Health & Wellbeing Coach.

Your Health & Wellbeing Coach will be able to tell you about nicotine replacement products and other stop smoking medicines.

With our help you will go smoke free and do the best for your baby.

Managing Your Weight

Our support helps new mothers with changes to their body and adapt to no longer being pregnant.

If you have given birth in the last 12 months you can join our free weight management course designed to help you maintain your weight in a safe and sustainable way.

You will find out more about nutrition, eating habits and how to be more active. Starting with a brief 20 minute assessment, we’ll find the best way for you to get results.

How to get involved

Sign up to our Healthy Baby & You programme and one of our Health & Wellbeing Coaches will be in touch to get you started.

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