Claire joined our Manage Your Weight programme with the goal of losing 40 kg (over 6 stone). She has since gone on to become one of our most successful participants!

Claire came to One You Cheshire East for help to become healthier, with the intention to reduce the chance of any future health implications. During the 12-week programme, Claire has gone above and beyond to make healthy changes and transformed her entire lifestyle.

With the support of coach Reece, Claire set some short/medium and long-term goals to help get her closer to her target. Claire’s weight loss journey has seen her totally transform her lifestyle, becoming more active and eating healthily. She now believes she has created a lifestyle she can sustain.

How Claire has transformed her lifestyle:

  • Regularly participating in a wide range of One You Cheshire East exercise classes each week in additional to daily walks
  • Walked 100km in one month in support of Dementia UK
  • Teetotal since 2020, which Claire has noted has improved her mood
  • A 20kg weight reduction, substantially reducing her BMI
  • Waist measurement decreased by 11 inches: reducing the amount of dangerous visceral fat
  • Dropped 3 dress sizes and feeling more confident as a result.

Claire has now completed her 12 weeks with us and is halfway to her 40kg target. She is determined to reach her goal through maintaining her heathy lifestyle and continuing to make use of our free exercise classes.

Hear from Claire’s coach, Reece:

Claire has been an absolute pleasure to coach, she has done her own research around healthy habits, amending her portion sizes, and taught me a thing or two about people’s motivations!

If you have a goal, or simply want some help to get healthy, our coaches can help you. Our 12-week Manage Your Weight programme is free for Cheshire East residents and is a behaviour change course which equips you with the tools and information you need to not only lose weight, but to ensure you can sustain the weight loss.

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